Nicole (sbgrl) wrote,

End of week review

Well, the end of my first week being unemployed is coming to an end. I find that for the first time all week I'm having a hard time being motivated. I never realized how draining being unemployed can be! I've spent a lot of time sending out resumes to recruiters and industry contacts and then filling in said people as to what happened and what's going on. In addition, I finally started work on my blog. I'm not as far a long with it as I had hoped, but it's ok and for good reasons. Hopefully next week it will actually go live and we will happily accepting volunteers as Beta Testers for the soft launch. I've never had an actual blog before, so I need to play around with it for a bit and get some feedback.

Next week is already shaping up to be fairly busy. Helps that I'm also planing on being upstate snowboarding Monday and Tuesday :D I'm meeting with more recruiters, catching up with some acquaintances in the industry and hopefully going on an interview or two! Waiting to hear back on that. Glad she forewarned me to be patient otherwise I would be going crazy and calling her that I haven't heard back. Will probably call Monday anyway if I haven't heard anything :D

Tonight I'm going to the Kara Walker exhibit at the Whitney, which closes Sunday for those interested, then catching up with friends throughout the weekend and hosting a Superbowl party Sunday. If the weather is nice enough I might even go for a bike ride. I really want to start doing that regularly if it's warm enough.

Ok, time to leave my dry apt to go pick up some stuff at the drugstore. Doesn't help that the weather is just crap today. Why couldn't it be snowing! That would make me a very happy person.
Tags: state of being
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