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Fashion Mag question

Anyone who lives in the states. Have you seen any 2008 French Vogues? We haven't been receiving out subscriptions, and I just went to the magazine shop by work where we usually get them from and they had ZERO! Not one French Vogue. Not even December's.

The February Amica arrived two weeks early which makes my happy though :D
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Do I do it?


I just got a call from one of the owners of this online female snowboarding shop to be filmed riding on Friday the 25th. The day after I get back from my Snowbird trip. They want "women who can shred" and I'm one of the one's at the top of their list. I'm really kind of honored that they called me. I guess the only reason why I'm hesitant is because it's the day after I get back from my trip to Snowbird. So essentially, I'll be arriving Thursday morning from a red-eye, then heading upstate that evening to be filmed at 5:30AM Friday.

I'm I just a loser for even hesitating?
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Flowers in NYC?

Anyone have a recommendation for a flower delivery service in NYC that;s not 1800flowers? I'm looking for something maybe a little more high-end. I want to send flowers to my mom, it's something she really likes, and I think the ones at 1800 are a bit too chinzy.

Any suggestions?
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The 2 week mini-update

Wow! I can't believe I haven't posted in over two weeks! And I've had a bunch of good things to say too. I think I've just been so busy at work, and not really home much at night, that I haven't had time to post. Hmm, lets see. The mini update for now.

1. Went to Asheville two weekends ago to visit my friend M from Macalester. Never been there bit been meaning to go for quite sometime. It reminded me of Ithaca, except with a southern twist. Ate lots of good veggie fair and even learned a new trick about tofu. Will probably share at some other time.

2. G then arrived on Thursday. It was sort of last minute but my mom and I decided he should be here with family rather than in SF alone, since my sister and the kids were coming here.

3. Last weekend I went upstate to do some boarding with S. We only rode Saturday since the weather was super crappy Sunday. Came home early, hung out with G, then we went to the airport to pick-up my sister and the kids to bring them to m brother's.

4. Spent a significant amount of time this past week with my family both in the city and out on LI. Wow did we eat a lot this past week!

5. I'm on some sort of movie-fest both in the theaters and at home. I feel like it's none-stop, which is weird because we've been doing so many other things too. It's really just whatever waking moments we have, G seems to want to be watching a movie, so we are. I don't think I've had a moment alone in two weeks. I might be going batty.

6. Well, partial lie about not having a moment alone since I did board for a few hours yesterday by myself. That was nice, except a took a pretty rough tumble on my first run which has left my neck not feeling that great. Hence typing this rather than riding. I do plan to get back on the board tomorrow.

7. My niece and nephew signed me up for facebook. Yes, several of you have already made comments about that. Any scrabble fans? I love scrabble, so come play Scrabulus with me if you are on there!

Hope everyone is having a good holiday. One more week then I might actually have a day to myself!
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Woot vacation!

Just booked my SLC vacation over MLK to Snowbird! I'm so excited! We got a killer deal on the room, and found discounted multi-day passes on Trevelocity! Yes, I'm super stoked! Next week I get to start planning Tahoe over Presidents day!

Did I mention that, if everything goes to plan, I will have logged 22 days by the end of January!
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Actually Decorating?

Ok, I know I’ve been saying that I need to hang art-work on my wall for what seems like forever, but I’m finally taking steps to actually do it! Now, I need your help in narrowing down my selections. You guys will have to bare with me for a bit. I’ve narrowed it down to 24, which is a small number compared to what I started with, but clearly way more than I plan on hanging, and way more than I think is tolerable for one post. So, I guess, what, maybe three posts? Anyway, no particular order, although they are grouped by theme. Obviously for those who have not seen my place, this will be difficult, but I would still love opinions on what might look good hanging on a wall. Also, if there’s anything of mine you remember, for those who watch shatteredlens that you think should be considered, let me know. Most will be 8.5 x 11 ish in size, hmm, maybe some will be smaller, but I do want to make one or to into larger posters.

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Bloody Saturday

Just say NO!

To The Golden Compass!

I am saddened to say that I was disappointed by this movie. It's my favorite trilogy and I just feel that it wasn't done justice. They didn't fully strip away the anti-religious sentiments as I had feared, so that wasn't the issue, it was just... choppy. Nothing about this movie flowed. There was never a breather.

Out of all of the books I thought this was the weakest, and since this was such crap, I doubt we'll see the other two put into production. But we'll see. I'm slightly bummed none the less. The animation however really was fantastic, but the eye-candy alone isn't worth it in my opinion.

Did anyone see this and like it?

Actual weekend post, and possibly with pictures coming up!